Industrial Info Management

Your complete toolset for crafting information gluts into information assets

Industrial Info Management
  • Historian

    Wonderware Historian is a high-performance process database that retrieves all of your operational information for easy delivery to your desktop or mobile devices.

  • Historian Client

    Wonderware Historian Client is an analysis and reporting companion for Wonderware Historian.

  • Online InSight

    Wonderware Online InSight is a turnkey, managed historian solution for end users and industrial process equipment builders.

  • SmartGlance

    Wonderware SmartGlance is a versatile mobile reporting solution that gathers real-time process data and KPIs and makes them available on variety of mobile devices.

  • Intelligence

    Wonderware Intelligence simplifies mapping of performance data to strategic measures such as KPIs as well as roll up and comparison of OEE metrics from multiple sites.

  • Dream Report

    Dream Report for Wonderware simplifies creation of clean, professional and easy to use custom reports.

  • eDNA

    Wonderware eDNA is a data management solution that bridges collects, stores, displays, analyses and reports on operational and asset health.

  • Information Server

    Wonderware Information Server is a secure web-based portal providing a single point of access to industrial information.

  • IntelaTrac

    Wonderware IntelaTrac is an Industrial strength data, task and workflow manager for field workers.

HMI/SCADA - Products Listing

Wonderware HMI/SCADA software enables operational excellence across all industries, providing deep operational insight as the basis of real-time performance management.

  • InTouch

    The World’s most advanced and popular HMI and process visualization software.

  • System Platform

    Highly scalable SCADA Platform that enables Enterprise-wide standardization.

  • Operations Integration Servers

    Communication connectivity interface for multitude of devices and automation systems.

  • InTouch Machine Edition

    Small footprint, full featured HMI for embedded and IIoT applications.

  • Prometheus

    Centralized configuration and management delivers re-use, standardization and transparency to maximize asset performance.

  • InStudio

    InStudio provides a multifaceted environment used for development, testing, version management, and training.

  • Alarm Adviser

    Web-based alarm analysis software that enables users to identify and eliminate nuisance alarms.

  • Industrial Computers

    Ruggedized Panel PCs for harsh environments, pre-installed with Wonderware software.

  • Development Studio

    An engineering development environment for creating, managing and deploying InTouch and System Platform applications.

  • InTouch Access Anywhere

    Web-based access to InTouch applications via HTML5-compliant web browsers on any device.

  • Toolkits

    API and Development Kit enable extensibility and high customization of InTouch and System Platform.

  • Remote Response Objects

    Remote alarm call-out notifications and acknowledgement for mobile and roaming operators.

  • AutoSave for System Platform

    Lifecycle change management software with version control, back-up and restore functionality.

MES/MOM - Products Listing

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is the practice of setting policies and rules for maintaining production value and ensuring compliance.

  • MES Operations

    Wonderware Operations Management helps transform raw materials into finished products in real time.

  • MES Performance

    Wonderware MES/Performance provides real-time line and equipment Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring, along with equipment utilization events capture and analysis, all within a work order execution context.

  • MES Quality

    Wonderware MES/Quality software provides solutions for marshaling equipment, procedures and people for continuous quality improvement.

  • Enterprise Integrator

    Wonderware Enterprise Integrator maintains an online connection between MES and business systems, providing agile, short term production planning and flexible updating.

  • Skelta BPM

    Wonderware Skelta BPM is the workflow platform for Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management.

  • InBatch

    Wonderware InBatch is a batch processes automation solution for processes requiring maximum flexibility.

  • Recipe Manager Plus

    Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is software for simplifying recipe deployment, optimization and execution on automated equipment in manufacturing operations.

  • QI Analyst

    Wonderware QI Analyst is software for measuring and controlling quality in manufacturing processes.