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Oracle Installation

The team of Oracle consultants at DataMax realizes that a successful Oracle implementation is not just a matter of getting the media and installing the Oracle software. We provide “best practice” implementations—at the database level and the operating system level. We don’t only install Oracle; we configure the Oracle environment and the operating system so that your databases run as fast and efficiently as possible.

A sample of our best practice implementations include:
Configuring operating system parameters Storage layout & configuration recommendations OFA-Compliant (Optimal Flexible Architecture) file systems & directory structures Configuring of Automatic storage management disks and mirroring Installing the current software & patching to the latest release Setting database initialization parameters to optimal values Memory parameters (SGA) sizing Enabling/disabling database archiving Mirrored redo log files Mirrored database control files Applying the latest Critical Patch Update And after the Oracle database is running, we’ll strive to administer and maintain the Oracle environment so that it continues to run in an optimal manner.

Real Application cluster

With Oracle 11g/12c RAC, multiple instances running on multiple nodes can access the same database residing on shared storage. If one node goes down, the database and application will continue to run. And if performance is an issue, another node can be added to the cluster and the application can be load balanced across all of the available nodes

Case Studies

Many businesses today require 99.99% availability for their enterprise applications and they expect immediate response times. An Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment provides this highly available, high performing, scalable environment.
With Oracle 11g/12g RAC, multiple instances running on multiple nodes can access the same database residing on shared storage. If one node goes down, the database and application will continue to run. And if performance is an issue, another node can be added to the cluster and the application can be load balanced across all of the available nodes.
Whether the goal is high availability, scalability or ease of maintenance, the team of Oracle consultants at DataMax provides the expert assistance to identify your needs, and then design and implement your optimal RAC solution. Our consultants have worked with many High Availability technology solutions: Oracle 9i, 10G and 11g RAC, Oracle Parallel Server, Veritas Cluster Volume Manager, and hardware clustering on Dell, Sun, HP and Microsoft platforms. We provide “best practice” RAC implementations at the database level and the operating system level.
Some of our 10g RAC best practice implementation services include:
  • Installing the operating system on each cluster node.
  • Preparing each server for RAC: configuring kernel parameters, setting up the Oracle user environment, creating startup scripts, etc.
  • Configuring the network for the cluster.
  • Installing & configuring Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS).
  • Installing & configuring Automatic Storage Management (ASM).
  • Installing the Oracle Cluster Ready Services software (CRS).
  • Installing the Oracle database software.Creating & configuring the Oracle database.
  • Implementing backup & recovery procedures.
  • Providing complete system documentation.
DataMax has supported client operating RAC providing consultancy on system design, implementation, testing, and documentation for more than 2 RAC node. Design services included designing the storage configuration in the SAN, the ASM diskgroups, and the 10g RAC services. Implementation involved setting up the Oracle Clusterware, configuring ASM storage, creating the Oracle 10g database, and implementing RMAN for database backups. The testing phase included testing backup and recovery, disaster recovery, hardware and OS failures, and cluster services provisioning.
Proper design and implementation is critical to facilitate database consolidation on the RAC environment for present and future consolidation. Complete documentation is provided to the client, as well as mentoring from DataMax consultants, both of which allows the client to take over the management of the 10g RAC environment.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Transparent Application Failover (TAF) are remarkable but complex technologies. We provide the following Oracle RAC services:

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters consulting for architecture
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters consulting for node partitioning
  • Oracle OPS consulting and DLM configuration
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters consulting for hardware configuration
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters consulting for installation and configuration
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters consulting for transparent application failover.
  • Oracle RAC consulting for architecture
  • Oracle RAC consulting for node partitioning
  • Oracle RAC consulting for hardware configuration
  • Oracle RAC consulting for installation and configuration
  • Oracle RAC consulting for transparent application failover

If you have a mission-critical database and cannot fail with your Real Application Clusters system, then you need a expert with a proven track-record in Oracle Real Application Clusters consulting. We have extensive experience implementing Oracle RAC technolgy on a variety of platforms. Discuss with us your objectives, we can provide you with the entire life cycle of the operating environment, from providing a competitive pricing of the software, operating system configuration, RAC build, build documentation and hosting. We can provide a complete turn key, lights out solution to help meet your needs.

Oracle Offers Real Application Clusters for the following versions of the database product:

Enterprise Edition

Full support of clustered file systems, raw devices, Automated Storage Management (ASM). Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition offers enterprise-class performance, scalability and reliability on clustered and single-server configurations. It provides comprehensive features to support the most demanding transaction processing, business intelligence, and content management applications.

Standard Edition

Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition is a full-featured database for small-to-midsize businesses that require the performance, availability, scalability, and security of the world's number one database at a lower cost.

Oracle Training

Oracle professionals demand professional Oracle training and all of our Oracle courses are taught by Oracle experts with years of database experience. Many of our classes are taught by noted industry experts and authors to ensure your training success.

Oracle DBA Training - Database Administration & Management

5-Day on-site Oracle DBA training course - Oracle Training in Oracle Database administration and database management. Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Training Course 3-Day on-site Oracle DBA training course - Oracle Training in advanced Oracle troubleshooting

Oracle Performance Tuning

5-Day on-site Oracle course - Oracle Training in Oracle performance tuning with tips and techniques for success.

Custom Oracle Training Classes

DataMax Oracle Training offers in-house Oracle courses all year-round in a variety of Oracle class topics. All on-site Oracle training can be custom fit to meet your specific training needs. For customized syllabus development or a price quote.

Oracle Developer Training

This is a complete series of courses designed to give your developers the skills they need to succeed developing Oracle systems. DataMax provides complete customized Oracle training, geared to your staff skills and provides follow-up mentoring to ensure your success.

Oracle Outsourcing

Oracle support & Outsourcing

Oracle infrastructure is a key component of a flexible, responsive IT strategy that helps you successfully meet your business goals. Yet, maintaining and enhancing Oracle infrastructure can be a challenge.
Because infrastructure needs can be very specific, you may find you need additional help to maximize the performance and flexibility of your IT systems. Whether for a project or short-term technical support, supplementing skills from an outside technology partner can be an ideal solution, especially if that partner has the expertise and experience to efficiently resolve your specific issues.
DataMax consultants are collectively prepared to address a variety of infrastructure challenges by helping you identify potential problems and proactively anticipate problems before they arise. Our deep familiarity with Oracle technology leads to more effective solutions and prevents re-work through communicating and consultation by both your business and technical personnel.


Outsourcing your DBA needs eliminates these costs and risks from your business. That's why our customers continue to enjoy the value and security of using our services. This helps operation at peak efficiency, gain competitive advantage and rapid response in case of failures.
DataMax is an excellent alternative to hiring full-time personnel or engaging in-house staff in a new project. We cover a wide range of possible needs and always strive for quick resolution of your specific problem by even providing on-site expert DBA resources as required and needed. Our knowledge-sharing approach ensures you receive not just the skills and help you need, but also the support of the entire DataMax organization.
DataMax Oracle DBA and Database Services provides you with skilled and seasoned technical resources with extensive DBA and OS skills.

A partial list of services includes:

  • Systems Health check
  • Performance Tuning
  • Code Backup and restore Scripts
  • Analyze and customize Backup Strategy
  • Instance upgrade
  • Platform migration
  • Implementation of new features
  • Technology roadmap
  • Tools and technical assistance
  • Cluster solutions
  • Storage assessment
  • Oracle virtual machines
  • Security assessments and changes
  • High Availability and Scalability Solutions
  • 10g - 11g Upgrade Services
  • On Site Full DBA Consulting
  • Physical and Logical Database Design
  • Infrastructure Architectural Analysis and Design
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Audit
  • Database Tuning
  • Schema Object Maintenance
  • Table Space Management
  • Resource Utilization Analysis
  • Standby Database Scripts
  • Archived Redo Log file management
  • Database Alert Log Scanner and Notification
  • Log File management
  • Database Replication Design
  • Database Installation,Configuration and Administration
  • Oracle 11i e-Business Suite,installation,patching and cloning
  • Oracle PL/SQL,
  • UNIX Korn Shell Scripting

Grid Control

Today’s DBA has been tasked with proactively managing many technologies, hardware, databases and database support components ranging from Listener, ASM disks, space utilization, all while maintaining a consistent standard of service for business users and customers.
In this dynamic IT environment, DBA need a complete view of the health of business hardware, and software as transaction traverse across different tiers of technology and need to be responsive to business needs. Oracle Grid Control addresses these challenges with a bold new approach that incorporates key integration points across the system focusing on space management, oracle support components etc.
Enterprise Manager Grid Control is Oracle's single, integrated solution for managing all aspects of the applications running on it. The Grid control also allows you to manage single instances of Oracle Database, Application Server, or Collaboration Suite using standalone consoles.
To compliment Oracle Enterprise Management Grid Control, Enterprise Manager Ops Center is Oracle's single, integrated solution for managing all aspects of the data center. It enables you to discover, provision, update, manage, and monitor the physical and virtual assets in one or more of your data centers from a single console.
Grid control maintains detailed information about hosts and their operating systems, software installations. as well as allowing you to explore the details by selecting the individual components. Using the Deployments tools, you can:
  • Perform searches on the detailed information.
  • Compare the detailed information of hosts and databases.
  • Search My Oracle Support for patches, and subsequently manage their deployment.
  • Clone a database or Oracle home to an alternative location.
  • Manage the configuration collection process.
  • Orchestrate Provisioning and Patching through Deployment Procedures.

Enterprise Manager Configuration:
lets you perform administrative operations such as adding new Administrators, managing Monitoring Templates, and establishing Blackouts. Your administrator privileges determine which configuration operations are displayed.
Grid control lets you monitor system performance and access diagnostic information for the Oracle Management Services and Management Repository. You can view:
  • The overall health of Enterprise Manager.
  • The status and performance of the Repository DBMS Jobs that handle Enterprise Manager's maintenance and monitoring. functionality
  • The health and configuration of all Management Services.
  • performance errors for the DBMS jobs and Management Service components (Repository Metrics).

Among Many other, Grid control will help you manage the following:
  • Agent
  • Hosts
  • Application Deployment
  • Automatic storage management
  • cluster
  • cluster database
  • Database instances
  • listener
  • Metadata Repository
  • OMS Repository
  • Oracle web logic server
  • Oracle web logic domain

Cloud Services

To take an enterprise-wide approach to digital technology We’re helping today’s largest, global enterprises become intuitively digital by using the cloud as part of a foundation that derives new insights, unlock new opportunities and build new models.
By eliminating the initial cost of purchase and the time required for configuration, using the Cloud can be both cost-effective and smart for some users, but there are also a host of unproven vendors and outrageous claims.
"The Cloud," or the ever-changing collection of software applications available online, is a game-changing technology driven by powerful trends outside of computing
Cloud service differs from traditional hosting in three major ways.
  • 1 – It is sold on demand, typically with thresholds.
  • 2 – It is "elastic," meaning each user can use as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time.
  • 3 – The service is fully managed by the provider, so that the end-user needs only an Internet- connected device.

Cloud technology can be used to:

  • increase speed-to-market
  • allow faster provisioning
  • create new business models
  • decrease capital spending
  • reallocate staff
  • adapt to the changing needs of the business
Datamax as an early Cloud adopter is making a strategic decision to move clients to the This experience has enhanced the insights we've gained through the years of implementing Cloud technologies for clients. Oracle Cloud precursors include IaaS, Dt

Our portfolio of cloud services includes:
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Implementation
  • Application "Lift and Shift"
  • Web Service Development and Integration

Oracle e-Business Suite Implementation & Management

The Oracle e-Business Suite is an integrated suite of enterprise business applications: Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resources, Oracle Projects and Oracle Manufacturing to name a few.
The application modules within the e-Business Suite are tightly integrated with the Oracle Technology Stack: the 11g and 12c database, the 11g and 12c Oracle Application Server, Oracle Portal, Single Sign On, Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle Forms and Reports.
To implement and manage an e-Business Suite environment—to be an “Oracle Applications DBA”—requires additional expertise beyond that of an Oracle DBA in a traditional, non e-Business Suite environment. The experienced team of Oracle consultants at DataMax provides this technical expertise. Services we provide in e-Business Suite implementations include:

Installation of the e-Business Suite technology stack: Oracle database 9i, Oracle Application Server, e-Business Suite modules :
  • Applying e-Business Suite patches.
  • e-Business Suite CLONING.
  • Applying database patches.
  • Automated Backup / Recovery processes.
  • Scripts to start/stop all components across the database and application tiers.
  • Oracle 9i and 10g database management and administration.
  • Oracle Applications System Administration.
  • Database and application tuning.
  • Configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager

Performance tunnig

The DataMax team of Oracle experts has years of experience in diagnosing and correcting performance issues. We work quickly and efficiently to get you results fast. Our consultants utilize a proven methodology, appropriate diagnostic and data gathering tools in conjunction with best practices to identify and fix performance issues and wasted resources.

We begin by:
  • Understanding your performance problems and your performance requirements.
  • Utilizing tools to identify the database, application or operating system bottleneck.
  • Making prioritized recommendations.
  • Developing a deployment plan.
  • Implementing the proposed solutions (adjust the SGA, add an index, rewrite an SQL statement, spread datafiles across disks, etc).
  • Evaluate the affect of the solution.

Our team of experts will analyze your system and work with your team to:
  • Improve database performance & response time.
  • Minimize downtime & expenses.
  • Make the best use of current hardware & software.
  • Achieve your scalability & performance goals.
  • Reduce further risk of poor performance.

Operating System

DATAMAX offers expert Oracle and UNIX consulting services for all dialects of UNIX, including HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and unbreakable Linux. All Oracle UNIX services are performed by an Oracle Certified professional with more than a decade of IT experience. We offer instant remote Oracle UNIX support via ssh and VPN and can help with any Oracle UNIX issues, including emergency recoveries on:-
  • Unbreakable Linux/ Red hat Linux
  • Sun-solaris
  • Ibm-AIX
  • HPUX
  • Oracle on Windows

Common UNIX Oracle assistance includes:-
  • Oracle installation on UNIX - Complete and reliable Oracle installation on all types of UNIX including Sun Solaris, HPUX, Linux and AIX.
  • UNIX Oracle performance monitoring and tuning - Complete UNIX tuning services including analysis of UNIX paging, swapping and CPU utilization for Oracle.
  • UNIX Oracle Configuration - We have complete and reliable configuration for Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) and setup of al cron jobs.
  • Oracle UNIX Backup and Recovery - WE can install and test all backup and recovery software, including Veritas. We can also assist in the installation of Oracle backups using the Oracle rman utility.
  • Custom UNIX Oracle scripting - Our experts can create any customized Oracle UNIX functions such as automated redo archiving and trace file e-mail alerts.
  • Oracle UNIX Security - We have a complete Oracle and UNIX security support, and offer support for Oracle UNIX security tools with single sign-on, Kerberos, Secure shell, and authentication server technology.
  • Oracle UNIX Network tuning - DataMax has complete network monitoring and Oracle TNS tuning to quickly locate and resolve network bottlenecks congestion.
  • Data carrier problem investigation and resolution - DATAMAX can work with all network vendors to identify and correct data carrier problems.


Buying software is a significant financial investment—one that's frequently fraught with complex decisions about software components, licensing and terms. And your Oracle software shouldn't just be technically excellent—it should also support and conform to your business needs and goals. After all, if your software doesn't enable and advance your organization's business processes, then your business isn't running as efficiently as it could.

Even if you already own Oracle products, it can be challenging and potentially time-consuming to manage Oracle's software licensing agreements. If you're a parent company or subsidiary, you may have license distribution challenges, which can lead to license violation. And if you own older license metrics, you may unknowingly be in breach of compliance.

These types of licensing situations all have a direct impact on your Oracle support costs. To save money and ensure compliance, you need to optimize these arrangements, but doing so can be confusing and time-consuming.

Our deep familiarity with Oracle technology allows us to more effectively help you find the Oracle solution that's right for your business. From consulting and competitive pricing through implementation and product maintenance, we provide support throughout the lifecycle of your Oracle product.

And if you already own Oracle products, our Oracle License Review Service delivers a comprehensive analysis of your existing Oracle licensing, support, and pricing configuration. As a neutral third party, we analyze your current licensing solution against your actual software installation to minimize your costs and optimize your software investment.

DataMax works closely with your business and functional teams to help you find the right Oracle solution for your business processes and goals. We conform the technology to your business—not vice versa. Throughout a product lifecycle, we work closely with you to maximize the value and reduce the total cost of ownership of the product.

We also assess current Oracle licensing portfolios to help you reduce costs and maintain compliance. This assessment takes into account new licensing approaches and impacts to your annual support payments. We also consider your planned future business solutions, as well as backup, failover, and disaster recovery licensing implications. Our recommendations for licensing alternatives include licensing types, product editions, licensing metrics, and perpetual versus term licenses.

With a wide experience in Oracle solutions, DataMax reduces the complexity of purchasing and owning Oracle software for our clients. This is done through advising on :
  • Ensure the cost-effective acquisition of your Oracle licenses and support
  • Decode Oracle's licensing and business practices
  • Optimize, customize, and simplify your licenses and support contracts
  • Provide an alternative financial method of acquiring your licenses and support
  • Migrate your outdated licensing metrics
  • Do the costing of planned and/or proposed new business solutions
  • Be your experienced licensing and support advocate


Datamax implements a wide range of oracle products to support companies in securing the data itself. Next to the known Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture blueprints we also implement the Oracle Maximum security solutions. A number of the products and solutions used within the Oracle Maximum security Architecture blueprints are:

  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Database Vault
  • Oracle Data Masking
  • Oracle Label Security
  • Oracle Database Firewall
  • Oracle Audit Vault
  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Oracle Enterprise manager

Data Centre

DataMax operates highly secure, fault tolerant, enterprise-class data centers designed to provide 100% uptime for your business applications and IT infrastructure. Outsourcing the maintenance, operation, and management of these complex facilities enables you to reap the benefits of a world-class infrastructure with little investment of capital and manpower.

Custom Solutions

Each business has varying requirements for its IT infrastructure. You may need one rack or a 10,000 square foot private suite. Either way, DataMax provides customizable space and power solutions to accommodate your unique requirements. We can design a solution that optimizes space and power providing you the redundancy you require at the lowest cost possible. We maintain rigorous design, testing and maintenance standards to ensure the availability of your critical applications and information assets.

  • Card access required to gain access to parking and building lobby
  • Biometric hand scanner required for data center entry

  • Multiple 360 degree cameras with 10x zoom
  • High speed recorders with DV cassette tapes
  • Hard drives to eliminate down time for tape swaps and over recording
  • Minimum 30 day tape storage

UPS and Generator Backup Power:
  • Utility Power
  • HVAC Cooling System
  • Data Replication
  • SAN Storage
  • Tape Rotation
  • Data Backup
  • Remote Hands
  • Network

Standby database

Oracle Data Guard is the most effective and comprehensive data availability, data protection and disaster recovery solution for enterprise databases.
Oracle Data Guard provides management, monitoring, and automation software infrastructure that creates, maintains, and monitors one or more standby databases to protect enterprise data from failures, disasters, errors, and corruptions.

Data Guard maintains standby databases as synchronized copies of the production database. These standby databases can be located at remote disaster recovery sites thousands of miles away from the production data center, or they may be located in the same city, same campus, or even in the same building. If the production database becomes unavailable because of a planned or an unplanned outage, Data Guard can switch any standby database to the production role, thus minimizing the downtime associated with the outage, and preventing any data loss.

Data Guard can be used in combination with other Oracle High Availability (HA) solutions such as Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle Flashback Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).

We have extensive experience implementing Oracle Data Guard technology on a variety of platforms. Discuss with us your objectives, we can provide you with the entire life cycle of the operating environment, from providing a competitive pricing of the software, operating system configuration, Data Guard build, build documentation and hosting.

Our Data Guard Deployment engagement is designed to take you through the technical considerations of your Data Guard implementation to deliver the correct solution that addresses your data protection and availability requirements.

This include:
  • Understanding Requirements
  • Engagement Approach

We partner with your application designers, systems and database administrators to identify the optimal implementation approach for your environment, always taking into consideration your existing policies or business requirements. We utilizing Oracle best practices and industry proven methodologies thus eliminating potential IT barriers in creating a stable foundation for the implementation of 10g Data Guard. The scope of the engagement includes:
  • Providing an optimal reference design of Data Guard that can serve a fundamental building block in the widespread adoption of Data Guard in your organization.
  • Mentoring and guiding your resources on the installation, configuration and management techniques for 10g Data Guard .
  • Identifying the optimal approach for ongoing operating, maintenance and administration of your 10g Data Guard implementation.
  • Engagement Benefits

Our experience with Data Guard in a variety of customer engagements with varying technical and business requirements enables our consultants to deliver:
  • A certified and professional Data Guard implementation based on proven industry experiences
  • A low risk and rapid implementation using previously tried and tested methods and tools
  • Access to highly experience Data Guard professionals for skills transfer into your own technical teams
  • Supporting Framework

In addition to industry proven consultants with extensive Data Guard experience, the engagement enables you to capitalize on the strength and maturity of the Oracle product set and tools specific to Data Guard including:
  • Platform specific pre-requisites
  • Data Guard implementation plan and task list
  • Early adoption of Data Guard requirements and best practices


This is an Insurance & Human Resource Information Management product solution that can be applied/used to specific and general business with the following adaptable and robust features;
Platform independence: Can run on UNIX, Linux or Windows Operating systems Web Enabled; Web based application deployed on WAN/Internet for easy access. Centralized Setups; Masters (Set Up) maintains: General information about the company, addresses, branches, departments, cost centers, logo, Currency exchange rate maintenance, Predefined database of all banks and respective branches. Multicurrency, Multi Company, Multi Branch; Accepts the setup of other foreign currencies and the maintenance of exchange rates from time to time. All monetary transactions maintain both local and foreign currency fields.. Security: Access to particular menus, screens, branches. Roles are controlled by access rights granted to particular User groups. A separate controlled menu exists for online self-service by members of staff. Keeps audit trail of transactions raised and modified by Users on different dates. And Backup and Restoration Utilities Superior, Affordable Design & Development Tools: designed using Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms & Database, PHP, MySQL tools and Where client’s data is not so massive, the system comes with a free database (Oracle 10g express) Integration and Data Interchange: Data sharing is enhanced amongst various systems. Data is entered once, concurrently updating other relevant modules. It Supports export/import of data with various common applications like Ms Word, Excel.

1. Insurance Module-General Business

Setups: Flexible setup of Insurance Departments, Classes and Cover Sections, Premium Rates, Charges, Standard Clauses, Insurance Clients, Agents/Brokers etc Document Registration: Capturing of new document types e.g. Quotations, Cover Notes, New business, Renewals and Endorsements. Information captured during this process include client, intermediary, class of business, cover periods, risk and cover details, sums insured, computation of premium, cover limits, commission amounts, additional charges and clauses, among other details. Approval: Confirmation of the Document Registration process and generation of debit/credit note and commission figures. The system validates captured information and checks user rights before approval. Certificate Management: Super Users create motor certificate batches/ranges in the system and allocate them to different branches/locations. During the underwriting process, the system assigns certificate numbers from the available batches, and attaches them to risks. Cancellation of certificates is also supported. Receipting: One or more outstanding debit notes can be selected to form the total amount being receipted. The system shows a complete agency statement with debit notes and receipts. Renewals: Renewal Listings for policies about to expire, generation of renewal notices and reminders, which can be e-mailed to clients from the system. Claims: Used for claim registration. Validation of the claim from the underwriting subsystem is done during claim registration.

2. Human Resources Information System-HRIS Module.

The module consists of both Human Resource and Payroll functions. Below are its specific functional areas and features;
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment module:
  • Task Management & Timetabling
  • Online Leave management
  • Appraisal and Training
  • Online Loan Applications
  • Staff Medical
  • Store requisitions
  • Staff Retirement/Exit module
  • Payroll
  • Unlimited Earning & Deduction types
  • Different payrolls
  • Casual Staff Payroll
  • Historical Data
  • Loan Management
  • Basic and Statutory reports
  • Audit Trails & integration


Datamax through Wonderware Information Management solutions run the gamut from small footprint monitoring and reporting through large scale, global installations with tiered data storage, mobile reporting clients, enabling strong connectivity to plant floor systems for a comprehensive view of your operations. Customers, concerned with visibility, productivity, safety, compliance, and operations agility, turn to Wonderware for scalable, adaptable solutions that will continue to grow as their needs or process demands expand.

In today’s challenging times, you need to drive more performance from your assets, collaborate better and generate more value from your existing operating systems. Today, industrial companies need a more efficient and flexible way of developing, deploying and maintaining the software applications used to manage and improve operations. Built like an operating system for industrial applications, Wonderware provides configuration, deployment, communication, security, data connectivity and other services. Why struggle with multiple “point solutions” when you can build and deploy the same capabilities from a single, integrated software development environment or “platform”? Wonderware interfaces to hundreds of field devices and plant systems, allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens, provides broad scalability and extensibility while accommodating legacy and new computing technologies such as virtualization. Datamax can assist you achieve this using Wonderware operations technology solutions. Not only will you achieve operation excellence the offering can aid you deliver and achieve a standardized set of industrial applications that encapsulate your best practices and proprietary knowledge to every one of your sites.

Wonderware product solution offering broadly covers;

  • 1.Manufacturing Operations Management (M.O.M) / Manufacturing Executions Systems (M.E.S)
    is the efficient and effective control of overall aspects to synchronise production to match business requirement.


  • 2. Enterprise Management Intelligence (E.M.I)
    collates information from a variety of sources through available integrated resources to provide the contextualised knowledge in the form required for relevant reporting, analysis and decision-making.

  • 3.Automation/Machine Automation
    in the context of manufacturing is the utilisation of machines or modern day automation robots in addition to information technology in the process of manufacturing/production be it of a physical product or a service.

  • 4. Wonderware Industrial Information Management
    We help you troubleshoot problems and identify trends to allow you to improve your operations. We enable enterprise-wide collaboration and reporting to eliminate geographic barriers to your success. As the global leader in human machine interfaces, a significant amount of industrial information passes through Wonderware software. Helping customers harness that data and turn it into insight to improve their operations is critical to our mission.

  • 5. HMI/SCADA
    We listen to your goals, challenges, visions and aspirations. Wonderware is committed to being your long-term automation partner, backed by a world-class global network of technical support personnel, distributors, system integrators and VAR/OEMs, ready to assist you in every corner of the world.Some 30 years ago, Wonderware had a vision of a software application that could interact and control any process or equipment, and yet be as easy as playing a video game. Today, as the world’s leading supplier of HMI/SCADA solutions, we have accomplished that and are proud to have helped other visionaries realize their own visions for industrial innovation.


Brainsoft Real Estate:

  • Landlords / Buildings Details.
  • Tenancy & Tenancy Reports
  • Billing & Receipting
  • Payment Module
  • Reporting with Mobile-SMS Module.
  • Sales/ project financial Management.

Web design & Development

It is not enough to have a Web design that is attractive and gets you traffic.
Your website should also suit your business and the marketing goals yo have in order to achieve success and beat your competitors.We makes it a priority to use very active approaches that ensure we understand what exactly your business involves, your target market and your competition.
By doing this, we get to place ourselves in a position that enables us to come up with different marketing strategies which we link to the high-quality website. With our services, you can be assured you will give your competitors a run for their money for a long time.

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